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Place all your vacancies at jobtender24. Up to 6,000 headhunters in 26 countries will search for the most suitable candidates and provide them through the jobtender24 system. The search is performance based - you pay a finder’s fee in case of success. Further, you determine the amount of commission. JobTender24 is already successfully used by medium-sized businesses, large-scale companies and multinationals.

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Tonio Riederer von Paar

Managing Partner

Riederer von Paar is responsible for strategy, business development, B2B sales, PR und finance. His Vision: JobTender24 is the second digital revolution in recruiting since the invention of the online job ad in 1995.


Tonio Riederer von Paar works in the internet sector as investor, consultant and managing director since 1995. The main focus of his activities is in the areas of online recruiting, social networks and creating and developing of new products.

Riederer von Paar founded one of the first job portals in Germany, Careernet, in a one-room office in a private house in Bonn. From that moment on he acted as one of the main drivers in Germany to start the first big digital revolution in recruiting: the transformation from printed job ads to online job ads.

He sold Careernet in the beginning of 1999 to StepStone (formerly Jobshop ASA) and received shares in the parent company. As StepStone Country Manager and Managing Director Germany he was part of the international Country Manager Team and was responsible for about 300 employees. He accompanied the international IPO and left StepStone at the end of the year 2000 as planned.

Furthermore, he worked as advisor for 3i Beteiligungsgesellschaft and founded companies in the internet and other sectors. One notable example is Placement24, founded together with Fabiano Maturi.

In 2004 Riederer von Paar took over a social care company in Oberhausen, Pflegezentrum Holten. Today it is the leading privately owned social care company in this region. Due to his social engagement Riederer von Paar was nominated for the „Social Entrepreneur 2005“ by the Boston Consulting Group, the Claus Schwab Stiftung and the magazine Capital, in 2005.

2015 Riederer von Paar and Fabiano Maturi started the company JobTender24 GmbH.


Fabiano V. Maturi

Managing Partner

Maturi is responsible for Business Development, Marketing, Events, IT and the Project management team. His Vision: JobTender24 will be the biggest B2B recruiting platform in Germany.


Since more than 15 years Maturi is specialised in the development of internet business models with a main focus on online recruiting (B2B and B2C).

After his studies of law he worked as cooperation manager at Careernet, one of the first German job portals. After Careernet was sold to StepStone (formerly JobShop ASA) he changed to the business development department at StepStone Germany.

In 2001 he was offered the management of the cologne office of the mediascape communications AG, one of the first companies which offered Pont-to-Point connections in Germany.

In 2005 he (together with Riederer von Paar) founded Placement24, the first online career manager in Germany based on a B2C sales model. Today Placement24 has more than 400,000 verified members and 7,000 connected recruiters.

In 2014 Maturi founded the company VentureGuard.de together with Italian business partners. Focus is the introduction of Italian products and companies in the German market.

2015 Maturi and Riederer von Paar started the company JobTender24 GmbH.