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Place all your vacancies at jobtender24. Up to 6,000 headhunters in 26 countries will search for the most suitable candidates and provide them through the jobtender24 system. The search is performance based – you only pay a finder’s fee in case of success. Further, you determine the amount of commission.


  • High coordination effort
  • Difficult controlling
  • Low commitment
  • Lack of information
  • Missing feedbacks
  • Different contracts
  • Few candidates
  • High dependency


  • JobTender24 enables you to centrally manage your headhunters and their candidate proposals
  • You easily find new headhunters or just work with your existing partners
  • You can work with all headhunters and benefit from standardized conditions
  • You receive more candidate proposals and pay commission on success base only
  • You will fill positions faster and reduce budgets
  • You save time in the daily recruiting process
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candidate proposals

3 months

time to placement


Success rate

Your advantages

Worldwide network

You have access to more than 6,000 headhunters

Best candidates

You find the most suitable candidates faster

Reduce budgets

Your cost per hire will decrease

Save time

Save time and fill your vacancies faster

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